Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy

Macrossan & Amiet considers your “privacy” to be of the utmost importance.  We are bound by and comply with the Australian Privacy Principles derived from the Privacy Act 1998(Cth) in respect of all personal information we collect.  The Privacy Act incorporates the Australia Privacy Principles (APPs) which set out the way in which personal information must be treated.

Credit Reporting Policy

This sets out how we manage your credit information.  We are bound by Part 111A of the Privacy Act.  Our policy is designed to ensure that your credit information is managed in an open and transparent manner.  Credit information is personal information that has a bearing on credit that has been provided to you or that you have applied for.

Types of information we may collect

As a regional law firm which provides a full suite of legal services, our policy applies to:-

  • any person for whom we currently hold personal information
  • any potential clients who may contact us
  • any supplier
  • any consultant
  • our employees

The personal information we collect will vary depending on the transaction (for example there may be different requirements for a conveyancing matter opposed to a litigation matter).    This information may include:-

  • names
  • dates of birth
  • addresses
  • photographs
  • tax file numbers
  • driver’s licence details and other identification documents
  • information about assets and liabilities
  • bank account details
  • video or photographic footage given by clients to us for legal advice;
  • police reports
  • credit information, which many include:
    1. your employment
    2. your income/wage details
    3. your expenses
    4. your savings
    5. details relating to your customer credit dealings or defaults
  • any other personal information required by us to conduct the legal services for the client

Sensitive information

Sensitive information which is a subset of personal information which is given a higher level of protection under the APP may need to be collected in some instances. This sensitive information may include:-

  • health information
  • racial or ethnic origins
  • political opinions
  • religious beliefs or affiliations
  • philosophical beliefs
  • membership of professional or trade associations or unions
  • sexual preferences or practices
  • criminal records
  • genetic information
  • any other sensitive information required by us to conduct the legal services for the client

How and why we collect information (including sensitive information)

Initially we will collect information from you, our client.  In some circumstances it may be necessary to collect information from other sources.   These may include:-

  • your accountant or financial advisor
  • banks and financial institutions
  • government bodies (such as Medicare or the ATO)
  • insurance companies
  • barristers / solicitors
  • health professionals
  • customer survey forms

We will only collection information that:-

  • enables us to verify your identity
  • enables us to communicate effectively with you
  • enables us to assess whether we can act for you
  • is relevant to your transaction
  • enables us to provide you with quality legal services

Sharing of information

We will only collect information that is necessary for our firm to act in the transaction for which we are engaged and which will enable us to act in your best interests and enable us to liaise and provide you with quality legal services.

We will only disclose your information to other service providers in order to provide  the legal services for which we have been engaged (for example to  barristers, accountants, insurers, the ATO (as the case may require).    We will not provide information to overseas entities which your consent.

We may use your information to add you to our “newsletter” mailing list or to invite you to seminars which are relevant to you.

How we manage the information we collect

Your privacy is our concern!

We manage your information by continually providing our staff with training on privacy issues.  Our Quality Assurance procedures have specific “privacy” requirements.

We regularly review our privacy compliance measures.

How we store your information

All information collected is held in our electronic files, and may be stored in “hard copy” format on a physical file.

Access to both the electronic files and physical files is limited to those people working on the file.  Our document management system has a built in tracking system which shows each time the file or a document is accessed.

Physical files are held by the Solicitor acting in the transaction.

All electronic files are stored on site and are backed up off site.  We take all reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information we hold is secured  and engage contract IT experts to monitor our systems.

We have security systems in place to limit access to personal information, including unique passwords and usernames on systems.

Correcting errors / updating information

It is important that we hold up to date information.  If you have any concerns about the information we hold, then it is important that you contact us.

We will provide you with access to your information within a reasonable time.   We will require proof of identity before providing such access.

Contact us

Quality and customer satisfaction is a primary concern to our firm.

If you have any concerns about your information then we would ask that you contact our Managing Director who will look into your issues for you.   We are confident that any issues you have can be resolved through contacting our firm.

Managing Director

Macrossan & Amiet Pty Ltd

PO Box 76

Mackay  Qld  4740


Phone: 0749 442 000

In the unlikely event that a complaint arises that is not resolved to our mutual satisfaction, then you are able to take the complaint to our external dispute resolution service. This is a free service which provides you with an independent mechanism to resolve any specific complaint or dispute you have which cannot be resolved together.

We are a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service whose contact details are:-

Financial Ombudsman Service

GPO Box 3

Melbourne   VIC   3001

Phone: 1300 565 562

Call (07) 4944 2000