Power of Attorney & Advance Health Directive

Power of Attorney & Advance Health Directive

Powers of Attorney & Advanced Health Directive.

Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney operates during your lifetime. It allows someone appointed by you to make financial and health decisions on your behalf should you become ill.

By granting an Enduring Power of Attorney you can appoint a person or persons whom you trust (your ‘Attorney(s)’) to look after your affairs whilst you are incapacitated or mentally ill. You can grant or restrict each of the powers given to your Attorney, ensuring that matter proceed exactly as you wish them to.

We recommend that you review your Power of Attorney regularly. Several circumstances will bring an Enduring Power of Attorney to an end, including:

  • If you get married;
  • If you get divorced;
  • If you die;
  • If you make an inconsistent document;
  • If your Attorney withdraws;
  • If your Attorney becomes your paid carer or health-care provider;
  • If your Attorney becomes incapable; or
  • If your Attorney becomes bankrupt or insolvent.


Advance Health Directive

An Advance Health Directive is a document that states your wishes or directions regarding your future health care for various medical conditions. It comes into effect in cases of emergency and only if you become unable to make decisions for yourself.

You may wish to make an Advanced Health Directive that applies at any time. Alternatively, you may wish to create one that applies only when you are terminally ill.

Advance Health Directives ensure that those around you respect your wishes should something happen to you.

The Solicitors at Macrossan & Amiet are here to ensure you can organise yourself for those unexpected future events and gain piece of mind.

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