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The Australian workplace has undergone many changes in recent years and is set for yet another overhaul. The solicitors at Macrossan & Amiet have their fingers on the pulse of the ever-changing and complex regulatory regimes governing employers and employees alike.

Whether you are a large-scale operation or a “mum and dad” business, putting in place the proper systems for your workplace is crucial to avoid problems later on. And, if things do go wrong, you need an experienced solicitor to guide you through the minefield of workplace law.

The solicitors at Macrossan & Amiet have assisted employers of all sizes and scale with issues including:

  • The preparation of employment agreements and workplace policies
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Restraints of trade
  • Confidential information
  • Workplace Health and Safety issues and prosecutions.


We Specialise in Employment Law Issues

We have also acted on behalf of employees on a range of matters including:

  • Advice prior to signing an employment agreement
  • Advice on terminating employment
  • Unfair dismissal claims
  • Wages claims

Claims by former employers for restraint of trade or regarding confidential information.

If you have an employment law issue, contact Macrossan & Amiet Solicitors and speak to an experienced solicitor you can trust to do the job right: after all, it’s your livelihood that is at stake.

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